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Price Match Guarantee Policy

We endeavor to offer diamonds at the best prices. If you have found a comparable diamond for a price that is lower than the price included on the site, you will be entitled to a price discount, provided that all of the terms mentioned below a fully complied with:

  1. The policy applies only to certified loose diamonds presented on our site.
  2. You must provide us with a link to a website offer or a published price offer with the lower price. The lower price needs to be the regular price offer and cannot be as special offer price or a discounted price. The price of our diamond will take into account all discounts, rebates, gift certificates and the like, so that we will apply the lowest price available. This policy will not apply in case of a competitor’s pricing error or typographical error on an item.
  3. You must provide an up to date GIA grading report for the diamond (i.e., a report that was issued six month prior to the date it was presented).
  4. The diamond needs to be available for purchase at the proposed price for all customer and in stock. Competitor’s special offers are not eligible under this policy, such as in case of limited time offers, limited quantity offers, clearance offers and special member offers.
  5. Both diamonds need to have the same characteristics (including without limitation, carat weight, color, clarity, cut, polish, symmetry and florescence, with a table size and depth within a range of 3%)
  6. We reserve the right to exclude certain diamonds from the policy, in which case it will be indicated on our site.
  7. The policy will apply only with respect to individuals (and not businesses) purchasing the diamond for personal use. If the purchase is for commercial use, resale or redistribution this policy will not apply.
  8. Each customer is entitled to exercise the rights under this policy only once with respect to each diamond presented on the site.
  9. We will determine, in our sole discretion, if the diamond offered on our site is considered comparable to the one presented by you and if you are eligible for a price discount. We have the right to verify any information provided by you and are entitled to receive additional information and documentation as we deem reasonably required. We will not be able to proves your request if we will not be satisfied with the information and documentation provided. Our decision if to provide a price discount is final and binding. If a discount is provided pursuant to this policy you will them have 72 hour to purchase the diamond. If you do not do so within the said time frame, the offer will terminate and not be further available.
  10. We reserve the right to modify these terms at any time and to terminate this policy at any time.