About DMP

Diamond Marketplace (DMP) offers the simplest, fastest and easiest way to buy or sell diamonds for the best price available worldwide, with complete transparency. Our free, intuitive price comparison engine instantly shows you how our quoted price compares directly with other merchants' offers, making sure you will always enjoy the best deal possible.

How can DMP guarantee the best price and value?

By cutting out all the typical intermediaries' margins - often 50% or more of the sale price - and connecting buyers & sellers directly through a secured platform, we can return that value to our customers. DMP takes a single standard transaction fee from sellers that are transparently quoted upfront and only paid after the transaction is complete.

Unmatched ease and convenience with assured peace of mind at all times

Importantly, with DMP, unlike other merchants, there is no need to ship your diamond for a pre-evaluation before you receive a quote indication. We work directly with the leading authentication experts, GIA, to ensure complete accuracy and confidence for both buyer and seller alike.

Our Founder

Sally Ryder

Sally is the Founder & CEO of Ryder Diamonds, one of Hong Kong’s leading bespoke diamond jewellers. "DMP is founded on a simple belief - everyone should have access to fair prices when buying or selling a diamond. Transparency, authenticity Authenticity & easy site navigation are an outcome of achieving this goal."

DMP service centers around the world

We Work With The World's
Most Trusted Companies

To handle collection & deliveries, we partner with the best-known global logistics provider in the diamond industry; Malca-Amit.

All diamonds are checked at the GIA laboratory to ensure complete accuracy and confidence for buyers and sellers alike.

We work with the leading insurance markets (Driesassur) to provide full-value insurance throughout the process for sellers & buyers.